Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas recap

I woke up Christmas morning with strep throat and slept for four days straight.

But on the good news side of things, Christmas Eve day was amazing. We went snowboarding with Toby at Willamette Pass and it was perfect! Andy 'n I bought each other 5 day passes for Christmas, so we'll be on the mountain for sure this year. I'm hoping to get confident enough with my skillz to bring my camera on the mountain one trip...maybe I'll just buy a throw away camera.

Johnston Family Christmas was amazing this year. Christmas Eve dinner hosted at the newlyweds house, we all pitched in with the cooking, and the eating and of course there was a single gift given before the evening's close.

the boys relaxing after a long day on the mountain.

Erik and Halo, the perfect Christmas pair.

My one picture from christmas morning! Everyone's eating a delicious breakfast, made by all the lovely ladies.


Bethany said...

I assumed that a new comment from you on JenJen's blog meant you'd probably written a new post of your own. Hahzah! 'Twas right! Merry Christmas!

Bella Art Girl said...

I've been under the weather too and although I haven't had the lovely strep you've been plagued with I do have some nice cold and goo to contend with...hope you feel better and can't wait to see you on the slopes

Andy said...

Looks like a holiday cast in pewter.
Happy new endless cycle around the sun!

Flo Oakes said...

I miss you so much.

Anonymous said...