Saturday, December 15, 2007

the day I rode the train.

I made lists. Lists for what to pack, what to buy before I could pack, what to do for work, what to do when I arrived, what to do for 22 hours before I arrived and after I wasn't home. And I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see all the check marks myself, but I actually did everything. I didn't forget anything, I didn't overlook anything, I didn't miss anyone. I actually succeeded in making, buying, packing, visiting - or have plans to visit - everything. Who knew I was so responsible, so organized?

It all began when a good friend brought me to the train station in Eugene. Andy was working in Salem, so he and I had said goodbye earlier when he came by my work at lunch, and we vowed to call each other often and stay alive until we were scheduled to see each other again on Monday night.

My ticket in hand, bag checked, hug given and received and my friend gone - the adventure began. If you've ever been alone anywhere where you have to scope out who's going to be with you on your trip, an airplane, a bus terminal, a train station, then you know what I was doing. I was reading a book, looking over the pages and looking for a friendly face. I then was trying to look friendly myself. I sat cross legged, leaning on the armrest, smiling up if someone walked by. I thought this was the best, unassuming, friendly thing to do.

A young girl, in her twenties (yes that's young!) sat next to me, shuffled her bags to her left and then to her right. Checked her watch, then leaned over toward me, "is the train supposed to be here at 5:10 or leave at 5:10, do you know?"
"I thought it was supposed to leave at 5:10, but now I'm just hoping it'll be here by 5:10."

And that was that. Contact. A bit of security, a somewhat familiar face on the train. They announced the train's arrival to the station, I picked up my bag and made my way through the dark and rainy night to the bright door of the train.

And so it begins.

a view from my window

a little bit of life in a dark land

my first glimpse of snow this season

the first early morning stop


Valerie said...

Hooray for trains. I can't wait to hear the rest of your adventuring.

Bethany said...

Luckily there's no station in Santa Cruz or I'd be packing up and heading out.

Beth said...

wow, I am impressed at how organized you were! Good job! I forget something 90% of the time I go places.