Monday, April 7, 2008

The big day!

In a word, it was amazing. In photos, it looked like this...a list of firsts

First look at the key

First time our realtor got out of a car to hand us a key to our house.

First welcome home basket being carried by our first realtor.

First time someone handed Andy a key to our house

First time we got our hands on it

Heart pumping out of control excitement!

First time entering our new home!

(followed by "the band")

First Kiss!

First self-portrait by the Photographer McKenzie in our new bathroom mirror.

First load of laundry.

First sweeping of the garage.

First pee.

Up next. First place to be unpacked....(it's the band space, ya. The BAND)


Jen said...


Andrew said...

This is by far the awesome-ist blog you've ever posted. Love it!

meg said...

Jen: i agree, I just couldn't resist.
A: yes it is.

Anonymous said...

that should have been caught in the home inspection and you may have some recourse... eh?

Beth said...

yes i agree.
awesomest blog!!!

meg said...

mum: it's not "living space" so it isn't covered in the inspection.

Anonymous said...

meggie - OH MY GOSH...THAT IS lame! so sorry - :>0