Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Trading Spaces

I loved the show Trading Spaces, I loved the idea of a room being made over with the plans of a designer and the work done by friends that know and love you.

Our garage is going to be a bit of a collaborative evolution. That's the way it should be I think.

It's going to be a place where artistic expression and creativity thrive. I hope to post the progress over the next few months...but, this weekend, while working to separate "garage sale items", from storage, from art supplies, I discovered leaks in the ceiling.

And, these aren't the kind of leaks that mean there needs to be a little shingle replacing, these are the kind of leaks that are coming from some idiot that tried to "replace" the roof shingles, but did such a shitty job, that now there are about a hundred and fifty Nail HOLES in the ceiling and guess what!?!! They're leaking water into the garage!

That's exactly what I thought to.

So. All that aside, once we fix that little problem, my hope is the the space becomes a place to trade talent, art, and that breeds collaboration.

The evolution to date...

Sweeping by the master

This was just before the handle snapped off.

Jo-science keeping a chin on the new carpet.

McKenzie and his car takin' one for the team

The guy loading the carpet threw it at his car and broke the cover off the tail light. Nice.

Jo-sigh-ma pullin' out the leatherman and doing it well.

Rollin' out the carpet.

team effort.

Poster, right over the band space, left here by the previous owners.

The garage now.

Band area.

The rest of the garage.

Let the collaborating commence.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sucks about the roof, what are you going to have to do to fix it?

Looks groovy by the way. Space is king.

teal! said...


um. except for the part about the leaking roof. and mcK's tail light.

but other than that, hooray!

meg said...

we're thinking of tar.