Thursday, April 10, 2008

where it's at

umm. ya. it's the new bathroom.
and can I just add, I don't know what's up with the shower curtain, it looks all gross and dingy, but I swear it isn't, heck the things like 5 days old. My camera's adding dirt to my photos, great.

don't worry, Rosie's hung in her rightful place.

The kitchen so far...complete with an open bottle of wine, of course.

here's another view...of the kitchen

my GAS stove, finally we're back together again, making dinner efficiently!

kitchen curtains...I put them up when Andy was out of town for the weekend, playing shows in Ptown. I didn't even think about the fact that I'd be all alone when I kissed him goodbye and I got all kinds of creeped out when the sun went, a perfect time to hang the curtains.

the living room how it looks right now...yeah, I know there's no where to sit...we're working on it.

the new and improved mailbox that I hung, I did it mostly for the mail man. When we met him, I asked if there was anything we should know or whatever and he said,
"well, your mailbox is kind of tiny, they sell bigger ones at Home Depot for 15 bucks, it'd be nice to get all the mail into the box easier...and then people wouldn't see your Netflix envelopes either."

Good call mail man Noland. And it was only 13 bucks to boot!

Also. I just trimmed the hedge in front of the house, it was covering up the numbers, which are placed really low next to the door for some reason...anyways, it was my first yard work and it was brisk and a bit windy out and it was awesome.

We cleaned and organized the garage, it's my man's birthday on friday and we don't have anywhere to hang out in the house except for the bedroom right now and that would be kind of awkward if we invited people over and then asked them to come into the bedroom to hang out. So. Ya. I'll post photos of the new garage, next up, patching the leaks in the roof. Man those people were idiots. geesh.


Anonymous said...

your kitchen looks so cute and I hear your bliss....
totally relate to the 1st night alone.. good way to attack...hang them curtains... so there. .. ya, you guessed it...mum

Beth said...

Meg it looks lovely. I love the kitchen, bathroom, and curtains. It looks very simple but also very stylish. It's great. Im excited to see it more tonight.
See you then!

Bethany said...

I just said to myself, "I haven't commented here in a while!" ... so here I am saying to you, "I haven't commented here in a while!"

But, yes, your home is delicious and lovely. "You got shocks. Pegs. Luckyyyyy."

Jen said...

I love the bathroom! I can't wait to see how the rest of the house shapes up.