Tuesday, April 8, 2008

we did a little painting.

the bedroom before.

Painting at the end of the first night.

the corner of the wall where two colors meet.

We had our Oregon Mom, who shall by her wishes, remain faceless and nameless, at the house for a while too, cleaning our kitchen to a beautiful gleam. She made the cupboards and drawers fresh for all our things and the stove and refrigerator will never again look so white and clean. She rocked the house and made it so much easier when it was time to put everything away cause I didn't have to wipe anything down in the least, it made things fast and efficient. She's an amazing, selfless woman and we love her.

We spent our first night at the house, painting and hanging out just the two of us. It's the beginning of the years working on our house together.
When we walked out of the house that night, exhausted and excited, we stood on the back porch and it started to snow.

He said it was an omen, a good omen at the start of all things new.

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