Saturday, October 3, 2009

20... and counting

Sooo apparently I can't count, or maybe I can, I guess when the ant is born we'll see if I was right when I said 19 weeks was half way. What I realized half way through the week was, 19 weeks isn't technically half way, 20 weeks is half way. We were technically beginning our last week of the first half, not ending it last Saturday. But 20 weeks is full term, 40 weeks for all you math wiz kids out there, so if our baby comes at 38 weeks - a totally healthy time - then 19 weeks would've been half way. Phew. Pregnancy brain makes me have to think through and explain things a lot more, sorry.

Even though I'm standing the other way, here's a new 'milestone' photo of the ant belly. This time the full view.

20 weeks

Everything I've read says at this point the belly button will be flush with the belly, but as you'll see, mine belly still has a big dent in the middle. So people, 20 weeks, what do you know about baby tummy's and belly buttons?

This week for the first time someone I didn't know knew I was pregnant just by looking at me. When I relayed the story to Andy he said that he had thought the same thing this week, something to the affect of, suddenly - there's a baby belly.

In case you haven't heard, our other big news is that our first ultrasound appointment is on Friday. Not only will be know for sure how far along we are and have a solid due date from Baby's measurements, but we'll be able to see the 4 chambers of the heart, the fused, functioning spinal cord, the strong bones and the developed organs. Friday night I will have sweet dreams with the knowledge we'll gain.

Since we'll be close to 21 weeks, the OB should be able to tell if Baby is a boy or a girl, as long as Baby is playing nice and shows us. So this week is voting time. I'm creating a poll, it will also be in the sidebar of the blog here. Vote, Boy or Girl?


sufferingsummer said...

I voted. Then the results popped up as 50/50...go figure....seeing as that's pretty much your chances.
Do you have any inclinations? or have you gotten a spoon prediction?

meg said...

early on, the spoon said boy. I haven't had another one or any other "symptoms" or old wives tale things to figure it out with either, so I'm going to be surprised either way on Friday.

Happy Girl said...

they used to say if you carry straight out it's a boy and more across it's a girl.... I personally carried the exact opposite!
I voted. :)
When I voted it came up 53% girl and 47% boy as the running total.