Sunday, October 4, 2009

First the spoon, then the...

Let's play a baby game, since so far, polling has resulted in a 50/50 or close to score after each vote.

Tell me any 'ol wives tale, or superstition you've heard over the years that help determine if the baby is a boy or a girl and I'll tell you where I land with all of them, then we'll see if it still lands 50/50

To get the ball rolling, my friend Marianne conducted the silver spoon on a hair test in the first trimester

- the spoon results said: Boy

We've got less than a week to play, so comment with your ideas and I'll post where I land before the ultrasound results.


Melanie said...

The only one I've heard is whether you're carrying high or low - and is that only at the end or through the whole pregnancy?

sufferingsummer said...

if you have a lot of morning sickness...girl
if you glow and get more beautiful...boy (girl's apparently steal your beauty)
...that's all I got at the moment but I'll try and remember all the things I was told when I didn't find out the sex with Sabine...cause there were a ton.
for the record...both Penny and Sabine were boys by the spoons tell.