Monday, October 12, 2009

It all happened one day

So as you know Friday was a big day in our family. We drove up to Portland to go to our first ultrasound. It was, obviously, a glorious day. We learned a ton about our little ant.

1. Ant is a BOY

2. The boy is growing strong and perfectly, but hasn't been doing so for as long as we first thought.
Explanation: The OB said Ant is measuring at 17 weeks, not 20 weeks as we thought.

3. Our due date is now March 22, 2010

4. This will mean our boy is definitely going to be born in the year of the Tiger.

5. The OB also checked out every possible angle of the Ant and told us the following medical discoveries:
a. All four chambers of the heart are functioning, strong, and whole
b. The Ant's upper lip is fully developed = no cleft palate
c. The umbilical cord has 2 separate, with strong flowing, tubes (exactly the number it should have.)
d. The spine is developed and fused = no spinebifida
e. There are no signs of down syndrome

We are thrilled.

The next question you're going to ask is "what about names?"

We don't have one, or any that we're solid on yet. Here's where you come in. Throw 'em at me. I need boy names, and no run of the mill names, but no Ijustmadethisup names either.
Hit me with your best shot.

p.s. ultrasound pictures to come, if I ever remember to scan them while I'm at the office.


Jen said...



Melanie said...

Does it depress you to travel back to before halfway again?

autumn said...

I love Oscar. But my last name is Meyer...soo that was out for us.
Also, I think Sawyer is nice.
All of our other ones for a boy were family names, so they were more out there.
Such as (the one we were pretty sure of)
Kytonen. I love it. Nickname- Kyt.

Good luck naming!

jilian dee said...

awe first off congrats! Finding the sex of the baby is like the firt due date you wait for so long and count down the days to find out :P I'm happy you read that, it's seriously things people don't tell you and caught me way off gaurd. I hope your pregnacy goes well!