Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday night gamble

We went to a texas hold 'em poker tournament last night. I should rephrase that and say we played in a texas hold 'em tournament last night. It was a birthday party, and we weren't going to play, we were just going to watch, but the birthday boy carried us, or floated us or something? Well, whatever it's called, he paid our $5 entrance fees.

We had a blast and didn't do too shabby either. Andy's pride was in the fact that he wasn't the first to go out at our table, he was the third. I wasn't counting, but I won a bunch of hands in a row. Nothing I was too proud of, a few hands of a couple pairs, a high card, and once a full house, that sort of thing. But I did get a few really good wins, both with a good hand and with a big pot and I even knocked out the birthday boy and won a prize for doing so. By the time I was tired and ready to go I still had a big stack of chips and had to ask what to do with them, cause I wasn't up for staying till I went out.

When real money isn't on the line, gambling is fun. Otherwise, I'm just not that into it, so last night was perfect and I kind of rocked it.


Band of Brothers said...

First of all, Congratulations on your upcoming bundle! That is so exciting and thrilling and wonderful! Thanks so much for popping by! I love your blog already:) I just kept reading and reading and reading post after post. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. I will keep your dear "ant" in my prayers. I have a passion for praying for pregnancies/babies. I know how stressful it can be.

Twain's hat is by american apparel...though I'm a little disappointed with the company lately. Lots of things on backorder or dicontinued recently. Arg:(

meg said...

aw. Thanks for the sweet words. I did the very same thing on your blog :P

I put an American Apparel hat on our registry, I only saw one option so perhaps it's the same one.

I'll be checking back often, so I'm sure you'll hear from me again.

jilian dee said...

sounds like a good night! I actually make them, me and my sister have a company that sells baby items (Modern Baby) it's actually waffle (which is a knit) and minky. Car seat covers are the best, I'm just too young to dress my son in duckies and puppies hehe

jilian dee said...

yes thrift stores are full of great vintage things. For the covers i usually go through email just because they are a custom order but I only have one pattern so I'm not able to sell it :( sorry, i get that question all the time.