Thursday, July 5, 2007

i almost can't believe it's true


It's official...

Yesterday, on the 4th of July, me and a couple of my friends ran the Butte to Butte, a 10K Run. Jeff, aka The Runner, Andy, my husband and bestest friend in the world and I completed the course, all in our own way and accomplishing our very different goals.

Jeff placed 2nd in his division, 10th overall, with a mile time of 5:27 that makes him officially, my hero.

10 --- 3088 Jeff Drouet --- M30-34 -- Eugene OR --- 33:50 -- -- 5:27
to see a photo of Jeff at the finish line go here

2141 --- 1801 Andy Weber --- M25-29 --- Eugene OR --- 1:14:56 -- -- 12:04

Andy ran the entire course, that's right, ran, without stopping. I'm proud and should be to. The run (it's not a race, Jeff excluded, it's a run) which begins with the first mile completely up hill (this is the official route elevation chart), and I might add, we actually started way before the starting line, there were over 2,000 people ahead of us so our first "mile" was a bit longer than expected, was intimidating to us amateurs. Andy finished with an amazing, and a better than expected, finish and mile time. He loved it and - in his words - it's a "mile time to improve on for next year," let's you know he not only felt great afterwards, he wanted to challenge himself with a new goal, all the while being my biggest motivation and supporter (more on that laterz). Oh and also husband kicks so much ass.

it's seriously time for a nap, my body is aching and i haven't been this tired ever. Waking up at 6 a.m, running 6.2 miles, walking back (to where the car was) 2.5 miles, watching Transformers with our friends, and then enjoying a Johnston Family 4th of July kind of took it all out of me. My head hit the pillow like a rock last night and then this morning, all my muscles yelled at me when I attempted to roll out of bed.

i'll be giving a little, this is how it went, from my perspective after i've recuperated a bit.


elixir said...

You guys rock and are amazing. Though I don't think anyone will ever get me running. I tried for two years in high school. First track season I had to have a severely ingrown toenail removed and couldn't participate. Then the following Cross-country season I snapped part of a tendon in my right foot while running to answer the phone (don't ask). I took this as a sign that God does not intend for Marianne to run. I stick to walks and hiking. But you have my awe. Congrats!

sufferingsummer said...

this is fabulous, maybe when (if) we move back you can be my running partner? I could use a good kick in the pants and I think you might be just the experienced racer to do the job!

Andy said...

Wow that's awesome guys!! I only wish I was that badass. Good stuff. And there's that acid stuff that gets in tired muscles.