Sunday, July 22, 2007

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Comment Response to Liar, liar pants on fire:

summer - thanks, I'm glad we're talking about it too. I also witnessed it up close and it's hard no matter what the outcome, but there are numerous outcomes and i need to be fair to them all. I do believe marriage can survive an affair and your sister-in-law and brother are a brave example of this.

M - as always, I won't "comment" I'll post another blog.

Flop - lame. comment on mine next time. geez.

Beth - I'd love to hear your perspective on the topic. My parents are divorced also and there's no way I'd agree with the "divorce is not an option" thing. When are you coming back to us?!?!

BellaGirl - no need to ask for forgiveness, rambling is what blogging is all about!

Forgiveness is such a big part of the bigger topic, no doubt. Every marriage is unique, as is every sin. There fore, I do believe that this can not be cut a dry, and that is why we discuss, we dialogue. And, God forbid, any one of us ever found themselves in this situation, we'd know there were friends out there that would stand by our side, share thoughts and prayers and know that what we're going through is rough.

Anonymous - I'm not assuming an affair is just sex. I just think that's the most devastating and the hardest to talk about, because as Bella said, we've probably all been affected by one kind or another.

I would still love my husband if he told me he'd had an affair, but for me, staying in the marriage would depend on the details of the story. (Elixer says it well in her next post.)

I can tell you that just having a child would not make me stay in a marriage hands down. Kids know when their parents hate each other. Personally, I was never in a happier home than after my parent's divorce.

The for real response post is coming up next.

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