Sunday, July 1, 2007

making science fun again

Science Heroes of Terra Obscura played a show at the Black Forest this past wednesday at 11 o'clock....wait, now they're playing at 10 o'clock - quick, call everyone that you think may possibly be coming....

super fun. But, seriously, what was super fun was the sweet way I took videos with my Canon Elph and then downloaded them, in the bar, on to my MacBook. This time when the memory card was full, my hopes of recording "a whole song" for TedDad weren't dashed. Instead I recorded not just the one, but four and let's just say I'm a bit proud of my brain right now.

I'm becoming a "director" on YouTube so I can post the videos, be on the lookout for that announcement blog, because my current status as "not a director" doesn't give me the privilege of posting videos over 100MB. And when you're trying to post a video of an 8 minute song, well let's just say 100MB isn't even close to enough.

It was a great night. I'm working on creating Science Buttons for the next show and I'm really excited to finally be a merch girl for my husband, it's been a long time in the making.

The mystery of making Science

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