Saturday, March 8, 2008

i wish I could think of a clever title.

The dad and the mom, of the inlaw variety, have arrived.
Late. Last night. We all went to bed around 2 something. It's gunna be a long day...but I can't wait! We're checking out the house this afternoon, my camera battery is charged, the memory card is empty and the camera's already in my bag...the long awaited photos will arrive soon.

We both took a long awaited day off yesterday, cleaned the house, collected boxes, looked at a couch we found on craig's list and spent time trying to kill time as our apartment was being show to a prospective tenant.

I don't think anything was stolen. But I can't be totally sure just yet.

The photo journal begins.


Anonymous said...

how about ... "wish my mum was here too"

meg said...

she can come after the house is ready for visitors!

Anonymous said...

why is she different?

onefinemess said...

Tell the in-laws we said hi!
And happy packing :).

meg said...

cause she has done enough in my life already and I am forever in debt and I don't want her here helping move and clean, I want her here hanging out and relaxing!

Anonymous said...

doing stuff in loved never makes debt sweet girl... but you are honoring and that is special.
she loves to hang out with her friend named Meggie.

Anonymous said...

hey meg,
so yeah, I think i will wait til the new house./ This week is finals and crazy and next week Im gonna be up in portland for 2 days and i am assuming your house will be mostly packed up til then. and itll be fun to have it at your new house!
Well, I will be there to help move too.
love, beth

Josh (the oak) said...

Have you finished packing your Trout yet?

meg said...

oak. we didn't have to pack it, they arrived in the box.