Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's Official!

Title edit: It's practically Official, but let's face it, it IS official and now all we do is pack and wait.

We heard back today from our Realtor, the seller's accepted our proposed repairs and they'll be fixing the electrical and the sub-pump within the next 10 days...

We'll sign papers on March 24th or 25th, and we'll get the keys on Friday March 28th!

Mark your calendars! If you're in town, you like the webers, and you want to help them move or clean then do it!

The proposed schedule follows:

Sat March 29th 10:30am - Arrive at the apartment to help move boxes and furniture into the rental truck

- OR -

Sat March 29th 10:30am - Arrive at the new house to help do a quick cleaning of the floors, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom.


11:30am unload at the house or begin helping clean the apartment

After helping... - As our thank you, join us for the first official new house BBQ!

Time: TBA/1:30ish Location: the New Weber House!

Let us know if you're interested. We'd adore any help!


Bella Art Girl said...

Funny - me and the girls just called you and now I know why you were busy...CONgratULATIONS!!! We'll help and we have a minivan to help me w/details xoxo go Webers

Anonymous said...

Awesome guys!
We'll be down to see it soon enough, next month probably :).

Happy moving and cleaning and all that.

Josh (the oak) said...

1. Congrats guys.

2. Go Fuck Yourselves.

3. Why am'nt I linked in your sidebar yet?

4. Go Fuck Yourselves.

Anonymous said...


Bethany said...

They said yes!! I. Am a Prophet. That's my way of giving me a compliment while I congratulate you.

Jen said...

Having bought 2 houses and moved 3 times here's my advice. Hire someone to come clean either the new house or the apartment. I would go with the apartment to make sure you get your deposit back. Now I know that maids can be considered a luxury, but consider your To Do list. Remember you have 26 days which will go really fast.
I wish we lived closer so we could help. Yeah I get to buy you a house warming gift!

Jen said...

Wow that was a big comment!

Beth said...

Meg! Congratulations! That is so awesome and super exciting!!
And yeah I would more than love to help clean and pack and all that good stuff.
Should I use my present now or when you guys have moved in to your new house? Does it matter at all to you?
Congratulations again!

meg said...

bella - we'll have to do coffee another time, i'm happy you called me though. and thank you for the offer! I'm sure we'll take you up on it.

Andy, Jen, Bethany and Jen - thanks for the congrats, and the prophesy Bethany. We wish you were all closer so you would feel obligated to help us move.

Beth - I think we could have your birthday gift night next week or the next...but if you want to have it in our new place that would be cool to! you choose.