Monday, March 24, 2008

sad, i didn't touch him.

It happened on Friday night at 9:18 pm. Obama visited me downtown, along with over 10,000 other Oregonians, but who cares right? I have to admit, regardless of if you agree with Obama's politics or not, he is an amazing speaker, a charismatic and genuine sounding man, and even if he can't fulfill ALL of his promises, I at least think that he'll attempt to.

He convinced me with his speech on Race in our country and his live speech on friday that he's the best option for our country right now. He's not perfect, I'm not crazy, of course I know that! And some may think he's just the lesser of two evils, but heck, if that's what you think than that means a vote for him right?

It was amazing to be in the same room as this man, it was a moment in history that I'm happy is my memory to keep.


Anonymous said...

He kinda looks like he's dancing in that last one :P.

And the touching thing is creeping me out!

PS. I envy you're opportunity....if he is elected (and I think he has a good chance), you will get to say you saw a president speak in person. Very cool. Especially a president who *can* actually speak eloquently and engagingly.

Andrew said...

How come everyone is standing up? Have a seat, he's going to be talking for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hey! How's the new place coming? Anyone around to swipe wireless off of?

Jen said...

There's a local paper out here in md that makes fun of certain headlines and or things people say (it's called the Onoin)a few weeks ago the headline was Black Man asks Nation for Change.