Wednesday, March 5, 2008

waiting for an answer

I don't know if the feeling I'm having is excitement and hope or despair and sadness.

On Thursday we had the house inspection. It was all pretty good. There were the couple of things we were going to ask for them to fix before making the deal final, but we didn't think they were big deal things, just things they should fix.

Here's the quick inspection rundown.

All Good Things:
No Dry Rot
New Steel Doors
Updated Kitchen
Updated Bathroom
On demand hot water heater (gas)
Pipes -inside and out

Things that aren't major but we'll have to fix eventually:
Roof has 3-5 years left on it
Garage is solid (detached garage mind you), it's a good structure, but shouldn't be improved, it should be torn down and rebuilt (there's some beginning dry rot and the roof is a bit sloped because of the foundation settling)
A couple of tiles on the house will need to be replaced.
One window has a major break through one of the two panes. All the windows are a bit odd and seals are breaking, we'll have to replace them all anyways before the Fall.

Now, all in all this house is in fantastic shape, and what would owning your own home be without a few projects? But, there are a couple of things that our Realtor says are deal breakers. So here's what we're asking for:

There are many electrical outlets, wires, and covers that need to be properly "finished". It seems that when they did all of the kitchen and house updating they did a lot of it themselves and didn't really "complete the finishing touches" like an Electrition would. We're asking for them to do this, right now there's one exposed "hot" wire that could be a potential fire risk, and the other things could one day be an issue if they aren't fixed.

The second thing we're asking for is for them to put in a sub pump under the house. There's a bunch of standing water and mushy ground under the house. The water has not touched the wood foundation ever - yet - but living in a valley, in Oregon, where the rain just keeps coming, well, there need to be a pump to get the water out when it comes in so it never, never touches the wood foundation. Our Realtor doesn't know why this wasn't done years ago, most houses in this area already have pumps installed.

I don't know what they'll say. We're not asking for everything, there's so many more little things that came back from the inspection that we aren't asking for them to do. But they're already giving us a good "deal" on things, I just hope they take care of these two pressing issues and then we can buy the house for reals, and move in....

Thanks for listening. Sometimes the waiting is agony and then the fear creeps in. I'm trying not to be pessimistic and think that they'll say, "no" but it's so tough to stay positive, cause people are strange and you never know what they're going to end up doing.

Stay tuned for the next episode in the exciting adventure of the Weber Home...

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Bethany said...

Yes, you never know what people will do. So you've got just as good a chance of them saying "yes"!