Friday, July 25, 2008

a note to a friend.

I'm thinking of you. I can't find your address and so I'm writing you a letter here...

I wonder what your drive has been like. I wonder who you've seen and what you've said. I hope you're well and feeling brave and powerful.

I can't wait for you to begin a blog and take over the commentator world. I can't wait for you to call me on your commute home and fill me in on your students and their quirks.

I hope you know I feel we are cherished friends for life and that you must let me stay a part of it. We can have future joys, and tears, and fright, and support together. Just know that I'm willing to keep it going. You being a hella far away means nothing.

And also just remember that we're in different time zones, so don't call to early and I won't call too late.

It sure is a big world that's smaller than we think.
Safe journey.

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