Tuesday, July 8, 2008

take a breath, the storm is passing

hello faithful blog checker-reader people.

Alas...the blog from New York has been interrupted by my arrival home and into the world of full fledged Producer.

I would have said previously that I was a Producer, but more specifically a Line Producer. The distinction is in the "Line". This is a Producer that is working on one project at a time. I wouldn't say this was a, by my choice, roll. I love producing...no, what lead me to this roll was, let's just call it, um...no wait, let's say that previously...there was only one project at a time.

As you may be able to deduce. This is not the case anymore. We have been flooded with exactly what we've begged for, wished for, and worked so hard for...clients exploding their wishes all over the place and landing at our front door.

*Pushplay's Blog is going Live this week.
stay tuned for my split personality is arriving with it.

In personal news. We're finally planning a house warming party...if you know me and you live around here you're invited, consider this your personal invitation. It'll be on July 19th. Come around 5 and stay all night. Bring drinks and a food something to share with fellow well-wishers.
Families are welcome but under-age drinking is not...so do it in secret and don't get drunk so when the cops show up they won't know.

Oh, and get ready for a photo blog of epic per portions.
meg out.


Sarah said...

Yay for good steady work! And yay to hear more of you blogging, here or at Pushplay!

Anonymous said...

Gratz Meg! That is awesome. About work that is - we're sad we'll miss the party by several hundred miles :(.

Josh The Oak said...

yeah, that's great, but imagine how great your life would be if you lived in nashville.

Also, I don't want to hear about housewarming parties I can't come to.