Monday, July 28, 2008

there's another reason for that.

One of the best things about being a wife, is being a part of someone else's desires and dreams. It's about being a part of someone's life.

When we were blessed with our home, we've wanted to share that blessing with our friends. And so we bbq, invite people to hang out, let them stay the night on the couch and such. Well. This weekend these two thing collided.

When Science Heroes put on their show at Agate Hall a band known as Mon Marie played, and on Friday night, that very same band played at Lucky's Cigar Club a local bar in Eugene.

The guys in Mon Marie had to play on Saturday in central California somewhere and they were going to sleep somewhere in town...meaning wherever they could find a field to camp out in. Soooo rather than let that happen, we offered our garage.

Let me back up a minute. Andy went to their show, I stayed home to get some sleep (I was working all weekend and tired..that's another story) and when I said, ok, I thought there were 3 guys in the band, so when we woke up in the morning and he told me there were 5...I was a bit, well. Let's just say, our house was fuuulll.

Here's Johnny, their lead singer, I don't know where he was when all the other guys were hanging out, so I had to get him in his own photo.

I really wanted to take a photo of all of them in their sleeping bags in the garage...but we hadn't met yet and I didn't think that was the way I wanted to be introduced..."Hey guys, good morning, this is my wife, she's crazy and going to take a picture of you first thing in the morning sleeping on the floor for her blog." Ya, notsomuch.
Well Mon Marie, thanks for hanging out in our little house guys, you're welcome to come back anytime.

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