Sunday, November 23, 2008

me to you

Today was a really good day. We were out late at the Science show at Lucky's and we talked until early in the morning, so when eight o'clock rolled around, we stayed right where we were, in bed. We finally got up around nine and made breakfast, and little by little I woke up.

When I turned my phone on I had missed a call from Bella and after a brief conversation I had my day planned.

Andy 'n I spent hours in the back yard, getting the pond finished, and by finished I mean getting it ready to be less of a hole and more of a part of the patio. It'll be a great project to have week. Yeah. We're not done.

We took a walk together then piled leaves upon leaves in preparation for our first garden next spring. Then he dropped me off at the hospital for a few hours with Bella.

I want to keep privacy for her and her family so I won't go into much but to say that she is doing well. I will say that I am impressed with her strength. She is a beautiful woman and I am proud to call her a friend. I'm sure we'll all be hearing from her as she rejoins us in blogging world soon.

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