Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exploring a Thought

A response in a way to this post by Marianne Elixir

She reflected back in her life, to a time when she was in Ghana, "That trip taken 6 1/2 years ago remains a beacon of perspective for me. Life could always be worse and in so many ways, I do not have a clue what suffering is."

And other words of hers that struck me to respond, "There is great value in habit. If not, simply to draw our attention to the worthiness of the things that suspend those habits when we realize we still do not have it all together."

This post she wrote was honest, spoke of her faith, and her objective questioning of her faithfulness to God in times of suffering and trial. She is married, with two small boys and her life and love is full.

I know God sees no struggle as to small for concern, no worry of a mother or wife as insignificant. But when you've traveled to another country where the lack of clean water or the threat of HIV/Aids is prevalent, well, having "sometime" financial struggles seems a tough thing to call the same struggle.

But it is.

It is suffering, and a trial and God never compares, or uses a sliding scale of how much He is concerned based on your level of suffering compared to everyone else in the world. God doesn't do that,people do that. Especially American Christians.

Marianne's choice to share what she's thinking in regards to her god and her beliefs during a time of financial strain is a healthy and admirable quality in her. I am challenged to examine my understanding of what I believe, to remember times in my past when I was taken care of, saved from death, carried through pain and loss, comforted in moments of complete and utter defeat.

In those moments I didn't curse my creator. I didn't turn my back on the One that loved me first. I can't say what I would do in the future, but I hope my faith continues to grow as Marianne's is, and that if the time comes when I am challenged again I will respond in faith and commitment.


Marianne Elixir said...

Thank you for posting this.

You are right. Though suffering looks different in parts of Africa than it does in America, the stress, emotions, and the trail of faith is the same.

A good reminder I needed to hear.

Sarah said...

Meg, I'm curious to hear, as well, your thoughts on habit vs. spontaneity that you mentioned in your comments to Marianne's post. It's a balance I struggle with a lot, having a very adventurous (easily bored) personality but having married someone who values habit and routine above all else so that I begin to see the advantages of that. I'm curious to know how those two things work for you.