Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A good sleepover in the worst place

I'm here. We're hanging out. Listening to good music, going online, trying to bypass the hospital's internet so we can get on facebook. When I spoke to Andy he asked how the slumber party was going. It's going good, if good is even a word I could use.

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It's been so long, I could barely think of what it would be like. I remembered the time Flo came over while I was house sitting in the little cabin and we stayed up all night, laying in the dark talking about this and that, and boys.
Tonight there was a little talk of boys, or rather the men we love. There was definitely the staying up late, and there was partial dark.

But this was different, it was hard to just hang out and talk, there was a lot of pain. She's in as good of spirits as she can be, giving thanks in moments of excruciating pain that her daughter escaped uninjured. There is pain when she moves, and there is pain when she doesn't. The smallest task takes a very long time and brings with it new kinds of pain. But she is strong. In time she will heal.

The bed time routine was a step by step how to be a good mom routine. Complete with a shower cap that when heated and rubbed on her head, simulated a shower, complete with shampoo and conditioner

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There was the leg shaving, the changing of the sheet, the brushing of the teeth, the fresh socks and jammies, and the shower cap that washed her hair, I know this is the second mentioning of it, but trust me, it deserves that much play. This thing was amazing. Apparently the day after Bella arrived here a nurse found her one from another floor, then for the rest of the week they were "out"...yes, they're super popular.

Upon finalizing the nighttime I handed her the "breathalizer" to exercise her lungs and she responded, "you must be married to Nancy Pindell." Yes. It seems that way doesn't it? Thanks for the complement dear. All this means is that Bella has friends. Friends that seem like family. Friends that care deeply for her and her family and will do anything, anything she asks. Oh, and mostly what it means is that they'll make sure she does her exercises and gets her meds, and help her walk, and on and on and on. She is loved.

It's 1:30 am and she's beginning to doze. She wore herself out over the last 2 hours as she strained to move off the bed, inch by inch, minute by passing minute, until she stood on one leg, leaning on the walker, myself and 2 nurses. She fought the pain, held back the emotion, and slid forward inch by inch. It's a very good thing, for her to get out of the bed and attempt movement. But it's tough.

When she does fall into a quiet sleep she wakes with a start, the cramping in her legs, causes her to jump and wake herself up, which causes even that much more pain throughout her body. I hope soon you'll be able to hear in her own words what's been going on. My observations in no way depict what she and her family have been dealing with. I know she appreciates all of the well wishes, prayer, and support everyone has given her and her family. Please don't forget them this holiday. Be ever so thankful for those in your life, the love that surrounds you and the life you have to live. We are all so blessed.

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I'm set up in my own little space, right by the window with the sill covered in flowers, gifts and cards of well wishes. It's a peaceful place, but I can't wait until she finally gets to leave and be back at home with her girls and her man. Sleep tight Bella, even if it's only for 10 minutes. Rest and heal.


Tucker said...

thanks for sharing. and thanks so much for being with Maricel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for what your doing for Maricel. I don't actually know her, but I feel like I do from reading her blog.