Monday, October 22, 2007

and her name shall be moe-ptuh no more

So you know when you're feeling down and you don't think anything will cheer you up? That's how I was a week ago. As one friend later called it, I was a little bit in the belly of the whale, having a Jonah moment.

Then my man made a call and asked a friend to come by and work at cheering me up. So this guy showed up.

And he brought this with him.

It is a beautiful, Millennium Falcon-esk, canary Moped. Or as we lovingly refer to it a Moeptuh.

So here I am, takin' it for a bit of a ride. Lovin it and wishing I'd opted to wear the helmet. But never-the-less, feeling smiley for the first time in a time. For some reason blogger hasn't made it possible for people with Macs to upload videos. Otherwise you guys would see a sweet, sweet video of me ridin dirty all on this moeptuh.

Thank you to my man. Don't I have a good one? I haven't mentioned this before have I? And of course, how could he resist taking it out for a bit of a spin himself? He is now trying to convince me that we need to find a couple of moeptuhs for ourselves. Joesighmah has even offered to assist us in creating our own custom bikes, I guess time will tell.

And a big thank you Jo-sigh-mah for taking time out of your Saturday to ride your moe-ptuh over to my house. You made my day brighter, one (meaning me) might even call you a bit of a hero.


Andrew said...

What a fun day that was. But there are quite a few days between then and now... so get caught up!!! We are all counting on you.

Anonymous said...

wow - you look hot on that thing! and that is a mum speaking... imagine what your huband thinks!!

janey said...

i hear you on the sad thing...not nice you have been sad too..but looka at that cheering up escapde..delightful x

Andy said...

Very groovy.
I always wanted a moped, or a fancy ass vespa or something...but the nice ones cost as much as a car! (Our old one at least).

Hope you feel better!