Thursday, October 25, 2007

{not so} glamorous

*note* see andy's comment it's a rebuttal slash endorsement.

I don't know if I am going to attempt to, as my husband put it "catch up", perhaps I'll just allow myself to once again become a blogger. I think over the past couple of weeks, I've been busy sure, but I just haven't thought there was anything the blogger-spere would be interested in. Not because it hasn't been exciting, trust me, it has. It's just the thought hadn't really crossed my mind to jot it down in a blog. I was just enjoying the experiences and forgetting to express them in writing. Which I love to do, so go figure really.

Then, today, for the first time in a while, I thought to myself -"I'll have to write a blog about that!" and so, here it goes.

I tripped. Not just a little trip followed by a little jog-recover either. Andy described it as "a little trip that didn't look like much at first".
(*not actual sidewalk in question)

But it was after the little trip when everything got real interesting. The trip was small, like stubbing your big toe, until I recovered, wobbled in a crumpling, stumbling, skidding collapsing heap on the sidewalk. It was the longest trip I have ever experienced.

Lucky for me, only a slightly un-homeless looking women and a completely homeless looking guy saw some part of the event. There weren't any cars on the street at the time and so I was at least saved from the dreaded drive-by shouting.

I was walking with Andy, and let me tell you a bit about what happened as we walked down the street back to my office after the fall.
He started laughing. Laughing. At the time, in the midst of both my hands and my left leg painful with sidewalk-burn, I was upset, wait, no, I was very, very upset. Are you kidding? You're laughing? He tried to "explain" his laughter and deter me from feeling upset, but I don't think it worked. Who does that? Who laughs? He says he wasn't laughing at me falling, he was I think, laughing at the fact that when he saw me trip he thought there was really no way a little trip would land me on the ground. And then to think about how badly it all really turned out? Well, that's funny. I guess.

I can't stay upset at him though. Look at that face. I mean, come on. And who can complain when we ate Fresh Wraps and Green Chicken Curry from Sweet Basil? My favorite lunch treat. All in all I guess I have to say, the whole thing wasn't so bad and look! I'm thinking to myself "I've got to blog about that" again. So, good.

He just got back from his run and he said, "what are you up to?" and I said, "i wrote a blog." He said, "i can't wait to read it, what's it about." And I said something like, "I don't know if you'll like it." And he started laughing and said, "Is it about when you fell today and I laughed?" And I got a furrowed brow going and i said, "see you did laugh at me!" And he said, "no, it's just cause you're always cute in everything, and besides, if you did say that then it'd be a welcomed change."
And then he says, "I didn't laugh at you, I'm going to have to go on there and comment!" I love moments like these.

i'm so happy it's getting cold again, I love bundling up
and heading outside with a group of good friends...
but that, is another story...


Andrew said...

OK, aside from the fact that I was miss quoted several times in this article I would like to, for the most part, endorse it. As further evidence that I was not the bad guy in this incident I would like state that 1. I helped her up and 2. the laughing did not commence until we were around the corner from the site of the incident. It just seemed so improbable that she would actually end up on the ground. Beside this, the fact is my wife is incredibly cute when she is pouting. So, in conclusion, I was appropriately concerned during and immediately following the incident but laughed later when I had time to consider what had happened. Was it too soon? Who can say?

Bella Art Girl said...

k - loved your little trip story and I would try really hard not to laugh too...I probably would have tripped with you and then we both would have fell...oh, and in response to your comment on my blog...yes let's hit the road again soon...I'll call and see when it works...