Wednesday, October 3, 2007

i smile about the memory

*a sitting with walter update.

Since finding my camera battery, then loosing all the digital photos on my hard drive, I have realized what a life saver this blog has been. I post about life and things I'm doing and then I post photos from all of the events, and then, when I transfer all my photos to my external hard drive and erase them from my laptop hard drive and then realize that they are not on the external hard drive ... I don't have to cry for too long, cause they are on blogger, along with little journal entries and they are saved from hard drive erasing sadness.

Since I didn't have my camera to take photos of walter in his worst state I thought it was fitting to show an update of how his leg is doing after being hit by a car (while on his bike), having surgery to put a metal pole in his leg, and being forced to hobble about for a month.

This was taken at the Wandering Goat coffee shop where Walter works. They make a beautiful and delicious tasting cappucinio. go there and drink one.

We were all there to see my husband's band play a show. It was worth the wait, the place was packed with heros and heroines, the science was delivered and the science buttons were devoured by all the friends of science.

Although this was on September 17th and I'm just talking about it now, does not mean I didn't love it and adore seeing everyone I hadn't seen in forever or that I wasn't proud of my husband ... it's because - let's say it all together now - I was just too busy to blog!

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Teal said...

yay! that was a fun night.
and wandering goat is the most wonderful coffee shop ever!