Friday, October 5, 2007

meglet 101

Alright already. I'll divulge details.

*This recipe - well, honestly, it's not a recipe, it's more of a concept - did not come from me not being able to flip an omelet, I'm a pro. It came from the desire to not have to eat veggies covered with the raw egg on the inside of the omelet. take out the step I used to use to avoid the raw egg, the omelet flip before the veggies went in.

This may look long, but trust me, it's not a hard on, read on.

The trick to a meglet is not in the consistency of the ingredients. In fact, one of the great traits of a meglet is that, like an omelet, the "filling" can be to your liking.
Here is a list of some of the options frequently used in our house:

mushrooms, bell pepper - preferably red &/or yellow, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, olives - black or kalamatta, squash, eggplant, you get the idea. And then, there's the meat options, we've been known to use turkey kielbasa, veggie links, chicken chirizo, or the real stuff (but only for one) bacon, beef sausage, and that.

Now. The trick.
The trick is in the pot and the starter ingredients.
1. Use a pot, like a small soup pot, with a lid. I suggest using a small one, cause each meglet is a single serving.

2. Saute' your meat in the pot

3. Use the grease to then saute' the first of your starter ingredients - onions, yellow, red, sweet - your choice (with a meglet it's always "your choice".) If you don't use a meat, like me, then use the tiny-ist little bit of Olive Oil in the pot.

4. Garlic. Your second starter ingredient. Add Garlic. If you think you don't like garlic, trust me, you do and you probably don't know it, so add garlic - minced, crushed, fresh or a frozen cube (have you seen these? they're great, Trader Joe's)

5. Right about here I'm probably adding fresh ground pepper and salt, and possibly any slew of herbs that I may have on hand like fresh basil or oregano or a blend of both.

This is when me writing down a recipe gets a bit ridiculous cause I don't really ever follow or write down a recipe. So bare with me as I rant about "oh the possibilities".

6. Add any or all the veggies you or your guest chooses.

This is what we think makes a meglet better than an omelet, the browning of the "fillings". Stir and mix, mix and stir until everything looks good to you, typically less than 2 minutes.

7. Pour your pre-scrambled eggs (whatever your favorite type are, whites only, with a little milk...) right into the pot, on top of your filling. Give it one quick stir so the egg makes it under everything then,

8. The last trick...add about a Tablespoon of water, cover the pot and let it steam for 2-5 minutes depending on how thick the whole thing is.

9. Get out a plate, dish up your roasted red potatoes and lightly turn your meglet onto the dish. There's no need to use a spatula (if you have good non-stick cookware) that's half the beauty of it.

10. Add cheese if you so desire - or add cheese to the top of the meglet while it's still inside the pot during the last 45 seconds of steaming - I don't typically use this technic though cause then you can't flip the meglet out on the plate you have to use the dreaded spatula and risk breaking the perfect circle.
Now, enjoy your first meglet!

If I'm making this for a few people I get 4 pots going at once on the stove top, potatoes in the oven and all the ingredients out on the counter. Everyone chooses their fillings, puts them into a pot and I easily do the rest. I hope you'll try them someday and tell me how it goes.

Now it's your turn. Do you have a specialty? Some recipe you invented or perfected that you want to share with the world?

Since tomorrow's Saturday, there's a good chance that we may make meglets and roasted potatoes for breakfast/brunch so I may add a photo or two if it happens. Happy Weekend!


Valerie said...

No spesheeality yet (you have to say that with a drawl), but thanks for giving us the Meglet instructions. I will have to try that next weekend (this weekend being over for me already).

elixir said...

I put my recipe on my blog!