Tuesday, October 30, 2007

fall leaves & cheers for scholars

The colors won't last forever, but while they're here, I'm a happy girl.

I couldn't resist snapping this picture
as we stood outside on the sidewalk.
Two of my favorite things to see...
fall leaves & shoes

A while ago, I'm done saying when, cause it makes me look like I'm a slacker, and I'm not a slacker. I want to blog. I love to blog and I love sharing about all the things we're up to... I'm just a bit bombarded with life...so I can't mention the exact date, cause it was over a week ago and I don't remember it, but...

on a crisp Sunday afternoon, we attended as "sit in parents" for an amazing Gutenberg student as she was honored, along with her class, for her accomplishments at this fine institution. They're half way done with their 4 year Course Requirements and after accomplishing the rigorous 2 year exams they were presented with Greek New Testaments at a Tea & Luncheon.

The 2 year exams as described from the Gutenberg Website:

Second-Year Qualifying Exams
At the end of the second year, students take exams that they must pass in order to qualify for advancement to the final two years of the program. The exams, designed to determine the student’s mastery level of basic learning skills and necessary background material, cover the content of all their courses during the first two years. A written math exam focuses on the student’s ability to think mathematically and problem solve. An oral science exam focuses on the nature of science. A Greek exam consists of translating a selection and defending it orally before a panel of tutors. An oral Western Civilization exam gives students ample opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned; administered individually to students by a panel of tutors, the exam consists of a wide range of questions covering the whole scope of history.

I hope you're impressed. I certainly am. Congratulations Class of 2009!


Valerie said...

Hoooray! Yeah, that tea was a while ago. I'm really glad you two were the substitute parents for that lovely lady. She's a keeper. Oh, and thanks for the pictures of Fall in Eugene. It's my favorite season there, and the leave here just don't have the same brilliancy.

Beth said...

Aw! Thank you for coming as my substitute parents, it was wonderful to have you guys there! And thanks again for the slippers, they are soo comfy! :) Im glad you blogged this :)
And I think I will see you guys on Saturday...