Thursday, October 25, 2007

randumb things in the form of a list of sorts

i can honestly say that this is my first time being tagged, or knowing I've been tagged and since it was from one of my oldest friends, Flo I'm going to oblige. Oh, and I like cooking, and hopefully, it will help me get sleepy.

8 random things about my kitchen

* I recently got rid of my stovetop kettle and opted for an electric kettle, after 8 years of wanting one. And that was preceded with getting rid of my electric coffee maker and opting for a stovetop espresso maker.

* my dish soap lives on my counter in a blue wine bottle from the tiny town of Harmony, CA population 18.

* I love to bake and I get a giddy grin every time I do because all of my basic ingredients are stored in a vintage set of green tupperware containers. They don't shout "Meg!" like so many other shades or styles would, but for some reason I can't bring myself to get rid of them.

* My every ingredient is water. Seriously. Water is the best ingredient no matter what you're making. The power of steam is a cook's best friend. Just think about it. Think, think about it... You know I'm right.

* I adore lids. Lids on pots. Lids on skillets. Lids on the cast iron. I'm a big fan of lids and I don't like it when they're washed in the dishwasher. I don't trust the dishwasher with my lids. I think it's going to damage them in some way and then they won't fit and then...well, what's the point of a lid that doesn't fit?

* There's a trivet I got when I worked at a wine store in my kitchen that says, "I love to cook with wine, sometimes, I even put it in the food." And if I'm cooking and I see it, it's tucked away behind the coffee canister, I almost feel forced into pouring a glass of wine for myself.

* I love the idea of a garlic press and I use garlic in almost everything I cook and I own multiple vintage press' but I never use them. I'd rather peel, smash, chop, and mince it by hand than get discouraged, annoyed, ticked off and frustrated with my adorable vintage garlic press. But, now that I've discovered Trader Joe's frozen garlic cubes, I think I'm ready to hang my garlic press' on the wall as decoration.

* I have my grandmother's childhood cookbook on a shelf in my kitchen. It's tattered and worn. The cover has released itself from the pages and her seven year old pencil written notes are fading every day. But still, I reach up on my tip toes and gingerly take it down so I can lean up against the counter and slide each page from side to side and be reminded of her extravagant cookie baking, her homemade jams and jellies or the family feasts she would prepare and display on her grandmother's china. My mother recently sent me a package that contained my grandma Chloe's apron from when she was a little girl and I think I'm ready to find it a home near her old cookbook.

I tag Bella, Jen, Val, and well shucks, I think everyone else I know has been tagged by Flop. But, if you're reading this and you haven't been tagged, consider this me tagging you and get on with it. If you can't or don't want to blog about 8 random things about your kitchen, then I am giving the order to tell us 8 random things about....

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