Thursday, October 4, 2007

my happy man
and a bit about a kitty

Yesterday we took an impromptu day off from work. We hung out in our living room, listening to good music and chatting with each other. Andy made meglets and potatoes for breakfast. What are meglets you ask? Well, they're something I invented a few years back and my husband aptly named. They are my special variation on the omelet, and they're the best -cause no matter how many you make each one is easy and delicious.

After we ate breakfast and I did a little work over the phone, we ended up deciding that we should keep the day going how it was, skip work for once and just hang out together. Like people that like each other should. It's a good thing we both dictate our own work schedules, cause I've never been the type that calls in sick to play hookie.

We slowly cleaned up, got ready and dressed and meandered our way downtown, to McKenzie River Music, our locally owned new and used music store.

What a day we had. After many years of hoping, dreaming and patiently waiting, we found an amazing used amp. It boasts two twelve inch speakers, a built in foot pedal and other fantastic things that musicians love and I don't have a clue about (like, this one goes to Eleven). After trading in some of his old equipment, (which he was given an unbelievable trade in price for) and them voluntarily taking 50 bucks off the sticker price (it had been hiding in the shop for almost 2 years), we walked out with a new-to-us amp for way less than we expected! It felt great to be able to encourage and support my husband in this way, making an investment in his talent. It goes without saying that his smile is still shining from the joy.

"home sweet home"

Among other things that have been going on, something disturbing has been going on with Ki Ki. Ya, our kitty. That's right, I'm blogging about my kitty. She's my baby, my only baby, so I get to. She hasn't been cuddly or wanting to be around us, in fact she's been mean. Andy laid down on the carpet by her and was petting her and she started to purr, until she spontaneously swiped at him, claws out, right across the cheek.

We think she's depressed. Her two best friends that lived next door moved and I think, she's just now realized that they're never coming out to play again. Andy thinks it's the change in the weather. She can't go outside, it's raining and cold and dreary and the sun doesn't come out. We're trying to be cuddly and loving to doesn't seem to be working.

Could it be that we're just being too affectionate? She does get irritated with unwanted affection. But anyways, I'm happy to report that right now, she's cuddling on my lap while I write. And, I might add, she climbed up here all on her own, found a sweet spot and has been purring loudly and hugging me for the past bit.


sufferingsummer said...

What? you tease us with the unique and tempting sounding meglet and then do not share a single hint at what is in it???? come one. I'm guessing it starts with eggs but what next?

elixir said...

meglets....I guess I have some Mariannelets too, since I cannot for the life of me flip and omelet. Actually, I just stick to fritata's now, and I think I like them better.

Also, your kitty needs a boyfriend. That's what finally tamed our Ling. Thank God for Maestro, he keeps her in her place.

And yes, you know the pregnant woman...her husband graduated in our class and he was rarely called by his first name =)

Flo Oakes said...

I agree with Marianne...Charlie was on antidepressants because he tried to attack people and then we got a 2nd cat. Worked like a charm, he never scratched again! (Sad that a year ago, as Sera put it, "Bobo" went to live with Jesus) Haha.

Also, congratulations on your Peavey!

And finally, you're in my blog.

Valerie said...

Wait a second, that red haired guy that was in our class whose name nobody knew? He's pregnant? Vicariously pregnant, I mean? Who else do I need to know about. Oh, and I agree that it's unfair of you to tell us that meglets are the best without telling us how to share in this bestness.

Andy said...

Dang, you have been blogging away! Sounds like you guys have got some great, relaxing downtime in. Awesome.

I find it interesting that you are blogging about getting an amp, that seems such an Andy thing - is he stoked that you are stoked about it? I would be.