Monday, October 8, 2007

days & beauty

Who wouldn't love a man that brings you this at the end of a long day?

We took a little trip to the store on saturday, and low and behold, when we returned I had more gifts than on Christmas morning. We went for no real reason except to maybe get out of the house and hang out together, not in front of a t.v. screen. We watched a bunch of movies this weekend, since we had a day off together, again - I think it's becoming a trend - and we've been doing some major cuddle catching movies we did watch.

Back to the trip to the store. I found slippers, finally, for seven bucks. They're just what I've been looking for, soft and fuzzy on the inside, a little lip on the back to cover up the heel and, of course, they're black. What else would you expect? Oh, and did I mention that they weren't expensive, cause that matters, and I think it should.

Andy got something too... it's for him to take, but it's really for me, to be able to sleep without the snore. I don't know if it worked last night, I'm going to just keep telling myself that it's working and even if it isn't, perhaps the placebo affect will keep me dreamin'.

So, my runpal mentioned I should share with everyone that I surpassed the 3 mile mark. It wasn't intentional, but I think now that I've done it, I'm going to make a new goal to run a little harder and a little longer for my weekend run. Cause, geez, I did it and I wasn't hating it, actually...I have to confess. I think I actually liked it.

After our run tonight, I left my runpal's home with arm fulls of fresh flowers and mint from her courtyard garden. The house looks so much happier and smells delicious. Thank you.


Bethany said...

Here's what's weird. Thinking I clicked the link to my sister's blog first and getting way into the entry before realizing the reason it's not making sense is because I thought it was Jenny! WEIRD. Stop having husbands with the same name cuz that totally didn't help.

Valerie said...

Yeah, you really have a jerk for a husband. Too bad. Andy, do you have brothers/give lessons?

Beth said...

i agree with val. sorry you gotta put up with such a jerk. :)
i was just writing a comment to say that I want slippers too! Slippers are the best thing ever.
When I went home I borrowed my mom's slippers ALL the time...I went to the mall one day looked down and noticed I had forgotten to change my shoes and was wearing slippers, I felt quite silly.

elixir said...

Total jerk. Did I ever tell you how he used to meet me outside the school and take the baby carrier and diaper bag inside and upstairs so the freshman would think he was this polished, together, new dad and I would walk in behind him looking tubby and frumpy with no good excuse (as I always feel that carrying a baby somehow excuses me from having to look put together). I know, RUDE!

Flo Oakes said...

You haven't blogged in like, 9 days.
What the hell?

Andrew said...

To answer a few questions:

Bethany: Actually, I am the same andy that's married to Jen. Polygamy Baby! Yeah!

Valerie: Yes, I do have brothers. Both are assholes and are married anyway. Tough luck. I also give lessons... Lesson #1 "How to get your wife hammered"

Beth: Get your head on straight, sister!! I mean slippers?!! In public?!!!

Marianne: I did that to spite you. It feels good to finally get that off my chest.

Flo: Hey! track with us here! We're talking about me and how all other men pale in comparison. That includes that giant of a husband of yours.

Andy said...

The world is strange. And meg has many pictures of slippers and plants.