Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(not the book, although it seems about time for another book review on this blog.)

my phone dies. when i open it. when i close it. when i push a button. when it rings. while i'm dialing. when i'm talking.

i'm ready for a new phone.
i want this one.

I know what you're thinking. Extravagant. Overpriced. All you need is something that calls another person. You don't need that. Well. In fact. You would be wrong. I do need it. You see, for two beautiful weeks...I had that phone, well. Not exactly that phone, the last version, at a higher price, and slower speed (or so they say) but it was the higher price that made me take. it. back.
And when I had it, well, I loved it. I used every feature all the freaking time and it made life out of the office when we were on location so much easier. People could actually get a hold of me, during work hours. It was heavenly.

And Yes. I took it back...and now...over 3 months later...it is so close, it is within reach...I can almost buy it...and be fully reimbursed by a lovely thing we like to call a telecommunications grant.

my job is sick. (in a good way, if that wasn't clear by the earlier link to this, oh and the fact that I don't have to pay for it.) Sick. (still in a good way)


Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing a picture...but I'm guesssssssing the new iPhone? :)

meg said...

yeah. well. some of us aren't in Hawaii, so we have to settle.

Sarah said...

Ooh, we were just looking at these last night. I've finally come out of my Thoreau stage and realized often technology makes life easier, so yeah, I'm on board with this being an (almost) necessary device, especially with a job like yours. I'm switching to AT&T in November so I'm hinting for Christmas...

meg said...

sarah - I must tell you I have learned something about this...I research alot before making a purchase even if it is *free*

Don't sign up for AT&T and NOT get an iphone, if you're wanting one eventually. Because if you go to purchase one and you're already an AT&T customer you won't get it for the low, low rate...you'll be forced to pay full price. If you need more details hit me up...