Saturday, September 20, 2008

oops. I totally bought a scooter.

Or is it a moped? Well, either way, that's right, it's true. Here's my new scooter-like bike.

The crazy thing. Well, alright there are a ton of crazy things about it, but the first is that it isn't really a scooter, and it isn't a moped. I can't actually figure out how to define it. That my friends is where you all come in. First some facts.

This yellow one to the right is a "true" moped. And as you can see, mine looks like a moped. Many people say the term Moped came from the combination of Motor and Pedal, but others say it's derived from "motor velociped", as Velocipede is an obsolete term for bicycle. But alas. Mine doesn't have pedals, and so die hard moped riders (Josiah) are going to scorn me if I show up to a moped rally.

This (red) is the Honda Spree, called a moped by most, but I don't see pedals...this of course confuses me even more. It's a classic sure, but no pedals and we're still calling it a moped? Come ON!

Traditional scooters have a footboard, think Vespa, but mine doesn't so therefore it isn't actually a scooter either.

As far as I can tell from Wikipedia it may be a "scooter motorcycle", do to the fact that it's a "step through" design, without a footboard, aaannd without pedals. Except that even on wikipedia under scooter motorcycles, they show vespa's with footboards! And anyways that's too long to say all the stinking time, so I'm looking for help in determining a new term to describe what I've got. Or heck! Just help me figure out what it is already. The internet is like zero help. Any ideas?

Now for the story ...We woke up late this morning and I checked my email to discover that a scooter we had thought sold yesterday (my hopes were dashed) was still ended up we thought two guys we had been talking to were one in the same (one we spoke to on the phone, the other was through email) and they were both selling blue scooters...except that one had sold his and the other just got back to me that he hadn't yet...thanks Mike!

We spent all morning driving to and fro across town (there was a football game so we had to go around downtown in a huge circle as to not get stuck on the bridge sitting in traffic), borrowed a friend's jeep to transport it, and finally arrived home around 1 something the proud owners of a...mopter, no, a er...scooped...or perhaps it's a scmoopter??? I don't know?!?

I'm happy either way.

Tomorrow, the Jo-science will help me reconnect the blinker wires, I'll get new mirrors and a helmet and then Monday I'll register it and get the tags up to date...then I'll be cruisin around town, to and fro from home to work and back again with the wind in my hair and freedom under my wings.

Thanks Bo. You're the greatest ever.


Marianne Elixir said...

Scootercycle is the vote (and invention?) from the Scrivners.

Super cute! Congratulations and I hope to see it in person eventually.

Anonymous said...

and andy is getting something too huh? you guys well be like ..well, still 4 wheels between you.

that amuses me.

meg said...

marianne - we like that "scootercycle" except for the syllable has a lot. It not a cute 2 syllable like moped or scoot...ooh how about scoot? ah I don't know.

andy - ah that made me laugh! at least we'll mostly be one person with two wheels instead of one person with four...

Marianne Elixir said...

Scoot is pretty good...but I like lots of syllables too.

Lisa said...

OMGosh... You look so cool in your hat and ready to go! xo

meg said...

mum. thanks. but I have to wear a helmet to ride it. Kind of lame, cause then I'll have helmet hair where ever I arrive. but it's a small price to pay...4-6 bucks a month for gas that is!

meg said...

okay. so research says, there is a term. Ready for it?


makes sense. i love all I need is a name specific to mine.

Anonymous said...

Scomo. It's sort of a scooter and sort of a moped.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone say Megped? Anyone?
Anyway, it's super cool and your hair is crazy long(!). You, my friend, are lovely.

Lisa said...

mine daughter, i am relieved that you will be wearing a helmet... and the good thing is your hair has so much body I doubt the helmet head will last long. See how grown up I was I didn't even ask if you were getting one. lovers u