Monday, September 29, 2008

it feels like Monday

This past week was an accomplishment. Work outs everyday. Leaving work at a reasonable hour of the early evening. And, well the whole roof being fixed before the rain thing.

It just after the first of the new week's workout, always the toughest for me, and I'm feeling just a tad defeated. My legs don't like me in the morning. They like laying flat in bed until waaay after 7am. And now? Well, now they don't hate me too much.

Thursday I broke out the Billy Blanks Taebo, thought I'd share him in all his blue spandex glory. Words just don't do it justice. Enjoy.

Running Tally:
Total Walk/Run: 3.5 hours
Weights/Strength Training: 2.0 hour
Miles: n/a