Friday, September 26, 2008

it's like she's never satisfied

it finally happened. I own an iphone...again.
I wish I could say I was in heaven right now, but alas, it seems that AT&T might have the corner on the iphone purchasing market, but they suck at network function for the bazillion iphone users they've now acquired on their network. I'm still getting dropped calls, or network failures...but I'm also walking around with technology from the future!
So. I can't say I'm entirely bummed. And all for free, which makes me super happy.

Get ready for posts from the road, photos of all things around me, and a new improved organized life. Seriously, I can't believe I had one and then lived without it for all those months.

Just watched the debates. I can't wait for November.

I read Josh's post on the bail outs and I loved everything he wrote and it now gives me the freedom to link to his post "How to Solve Problems" as a point of reference for my following comments, I think this country is F*CKED if the government thinks it can just walk around and hand out money to corporations that made poor decisions and gambled with money they didn't have without asking the American people -who's money they're giving away - what they think about it.

And. I miss my friends. They're far away it seems.


Josh (the oak) said...

Thanks and :(

Anonymous said...

IIRC AT&T has the worst data network of all the providers. Which makes it even more amusing that they got the iphone.

I know the Sprint data network on my phone kicks ass...I'll be getting a new phone in November & we can compare ^.^ .

I agree that the economy is pretty hosed, and rewarding people for stupidity and greed is stupid. Maybe this country does need a depression to teach people how to be smart with their money.

I really worry about the house we just bought though...and the baby that's coming..I think Jen's job may actually be more economically secure than mine - rich people always want to go to college, and seem like they would survive a depression better than others. Whereas me..I work in the construction industry.....*cringe*