Saturday, September 27, 2008

before you think too much about it

The sun was out in force, well, it was out with as much force as it could muster on a late September day in Oregon, and in remembering this thing I wanted to mention, I begin to have thoughts that will make some cringe (mrs. french).

I have an amazing husband.

There are a few things in life that scare me. Irrational fears, I like to call them, things I try very hard to overcome.

1. heights - now some would say this isn't an irrational fear, but rather clear headed, very rational thinking. After all, climbing up onto something for any reason creates the potential result of death.

2. self-conscious and shy around new people - this always works out in the end where people end up thinking I'm stuck up because I don't talk to them...this one I've been working on for a very long time. I'm working on stopping the wallflower tendency, asking people questions, and introducing myself when I don't know someone. I used to have the thought that if I introduced myself to people it was like I was saying, "hi, I'm Meg, you need to know me." Which I have been informed multiple times, is never the thought on someone's mind.

My job has helped tremendously in this, it's my job to introduce myself to everyone on set. Get to know them, make them feel at ease before the camera turns on.

But onto #1. Heights. I'm not a fan. So when Andy planned to get on the roof to patch the leaky holes before the weather hits us full force, can imagine my happiness when he followed it up with calling Josiah and working on it with him while I was at work.

They ran out of tar the first day, so he finished the second half on friday, and even though I was home in the afternoon, he finished it on his own and I don't think once thought of asking for my help. He's rad.

Oh. And it's the garage roof that leaked, not the house. And it may not seem high to some, but for me, this just isn't the place I'd want to be.

Also. Welcome home german travelers. We missed you. Thanks for coming by and hanging out. Do it more.


Marianne Elixir said...

Have you heard of the "my husband rocks" Fridays? (see this post for an example:

I have debated joining, but it reminded me of something you might enjoy doing too.

Anonymous said...

Why am I cringing again? :P
I'm afraid of heights too. Whenever I'm up somewhere high, I think of falling and getting impaled on something sharp. Maybe because I "fell" while foolishly walking on a spiked fence when I was a kid, thus impaling myself on one of the spikes? Could be.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I miss most about being young (er) was running around on the roof at the high school (and various other places) - minus various activities of dubious legality.

Just being "up" on things was I'm old and crotchety and I will fall and break my fake hip.

PS: We need to see your houssssaaah!

meg said...

marianne - i hadn't thanks for the link. don't know if it's my kind of thing, but it's interesting either way.

jen - i know you hate it when it seems like things are "perfect" in my blog...

andy - no shit. come down here already!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how life got so busy...we were doing something last weekend & my mom is driving up this next one. This weekend would have been ok but you guys were busy.

Soon though. Soon, and for the rest of your life.

OK, not really.

meg said...

andy's um's like a secret. I can't talk about it.

and. i think next would have worked, but how about the one after that or would you like a break between visiting and visitors?

Anna Ingalls said...

that is really sweet of him. Go andy