Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Musing

Don't worry, I'm not going to call it that every Monday. But I am going to try to post on Monday mornings, or more likely Sunday nights on how things are going in the exercising and eating healthy department. Again. Not as accountability, cause you all are terrible about being consistent, but more as a motivation for myself.

Most of the time, I think discouragement comes from the fact that the only thing you have to show for all the hard work you've put in is like 4 or 5 lbs...and after a month, that's tough. So I think if I do a little, here's the workouts I did, or here's the miles I ran...that after a month or two or six, it will become a pie chart...I'm excited, and I don't even like pie.

We're also working in the yard most days after work and at least one day on the weekend, but I'm not counting that as a "workout" although most days it totally is. Those I'm just considering bonus calorie burning moments.

So. This morning we did a walk/run. 4 minute walk to 1 minute run for 30 minutes
And the last one we did a 3 minute run, 2 minute walk. It felt good. My legs felt strong, it wasn't hard. It was easy, and my body remembers what it was like to build strength bit by bit until running was fun and second nature. I'm excited to run longer, further, faster, better.

Tonight I rode my noped (that's what it's called apparently, a noped, it made Josiah happy anyway) to the store and bought some locally grown veggies and shrimp. Andy's making us sprouted wheat pasta (half a serving each), a chicken a shrimp mix slowly sauted in garlic, basil, and onion and homemade sauce with broccoli, squash, zucchini, and sundried smells soooo good in here.

Running Tally:
Total Walk/Run: 2.0 hours
Weights/Strength Training: 1.0 hour
Miles: n/a

We're being happy together...


teal! said...

you know, i thought i smelled something tasty coming from the kitchen as I left this evening....

Lisa said...

I love how you are doing this together, the best line of the whole blog is the last one.

We're being happy together...

very good.

Anna Ingalls said...

You rock meg!!! It's neat to see you guys got the health bug. Cam and I have been running for awhile and it feels so good, it's such a release I get depressed if it's been too long. Miss you guys (I was a little behind in your posts so I am back tracking) loves