Saturday, September 6, 2008

a moment

I've been known to be honest, completely honest, venerable even in the words on my blog, and I've also been accused of being overly romantic, sentimental, indulgent only in the good and perfect things. This is something I'd like to respond to.

I will never use this as a forum to discuss a fight I've had. A lesson learned after the fact, yes. But never during the hurt, or frustration will I ever come to the blog to find some sort of relief in complaining about my woes. It's not about "airing dirty laundry", I'm all for learning and growing and sharing. I'm just not about to bad mouth my husband, or my friends to the blogworld. I don't think it's right.

So. I will write about the goodness in life. (I've also been accused of being to negative, so being positive and glass half full is a stretch for me and something I think will end up making me a better human all around.)

I will share my joy. My elation. My adventures. And I will sometimes, now share what pitfalls we've had, and how we came out them and the pain we've had, because I'm not afraid of real life, I never have been, I just hadn't yet discovered the way to talk about it while still honoring my relationships.

A friend of mine has a blog entitled, "Becoming" and I think that's the stage I'm realizing I'm in and I think it's high time I share it....cause I know you're all dying to know. *wink, wink*

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Jen said...

So what are you going to tell us?