Sunday, September 28, 2008

a conversation with friends across the internets

So I've read a few blog responses and talked with a few different groups of people about the debates and I have to say, I'm wondering what "older" America is thinking, cause it seems pretty clear what "younger" America is saying.

McCain has a huge distaste for Obama. It's like he's thinking, "why again do I have to *BIG AIR QUOTES* "debate" this kid? He's never been a POW, he's barely a Senator, he is pretty good looking *don't look at Obama, don't look at Obama, don't look at Obama*, but besides that, if this kid wins the presidency like it's a popularity contest I'm gunna raise hell."

McCain won't respond to Obama. He won't look at Obama. He won't talk to Obama. He won't even call him Barack, even though he was asked time and time again to "respond to Senator Obama", "talk to Senator Obama". It was sad. Even shaking his hand at the end of the debate, which to me it seemed like Obama was chasing McCain down to shake his hand, even then good 'ol boy McCain can't look at him.
Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo "McCain [had] that sneer and there did seem to be this thing where he was so contemptuous and angry at Obama that he couldn't get himself to make eye contact. I think we'll hear more about that."

Obama came out punching when it came to foreign policy...
Kos, Daily Kos "Obama fought back by speaking at length on every issue, aided by a format that allowed him to speak beyond 30 second sound bites, and he name dropped countries and foreign leaders by the bucketful, to underscore the fact that he knows what he's talking about. It was very effective."

And, can I add, my complete shock when Obama spoke in regards to Osama Bin Ladin? He stated very matter of fact that we need to "capture and kill" him. Did this surprise anyone else? I was like, oh shit, this guy means business. Coming from Obama, who I admit seems meek and well mannered most of the time, kill was a powerful, weighted word. He wasn't saying it lightly, he was eliciting his complete composure and ability to be Commander in Chief.

I like Andy F's post about the debate a lot. He brought up a ton of the same points I've been making or hearing.

I agree, it does matter if going to war in Iraq in the first place mattered or not. But I equally care about what we are going to do about it now that we're there. And one thing I'm seriously pissed off about in regards to both candidates is their responses to the opening questions regarding the mortgage crisis and proposed bail out. They both suck. Neither of them answered the questions. Neither of them provided a solid solution that wasn't, ya, let's bail them out. They eventually talked about responsibility and accountability, but beyond feels like as Americans we still won't have a say in what the government decides to do with our money.

My favorite was McCain freaking out about Obama parsing words...isn't that what makes a great debater? No, I'm not going to just assume we both know what the other person means by that. I'm going to point out the definition, clarify, question your use of terms, PARSE WORDS!
This leads me to the thought...I'd like to know Josh's take on the debates. He's such a smarty pants (in a good way.)

Figure it out for you and check some facts:

Fact Check
PolitiFact, The attack review
Snopes, Politics

When our choice was McCain or Obama, I thought, well, I spose either way I'll be fine. But now that the Vice Presidential candidates have been announced? Well. My thoughts have changed. I'm kind of at a loss. I'm "undecided" a bit.

Now at first I thought Palin's a lady and that should mean something. I mean, seriously, it's about time that gender or race don't matter in the most melting pot country around! But now I wonder, is she just a pretty face?

In hearing more about her, listening to her respond to questions? Well, honestly, I wonder at this point what T.J. thinks.

Here's one interview out of the gazillion I could have posted.

This may be a bunch of ramblings. But I'd like people to think for a bit and care, especially you younger Americans, cause it matters ...and don't any of you miss the Vice Presidential debates, this one's going to go down in the record books. I don't know what for yet, but something's going down...I can feel it.

And one last thing...I linked to both Obama's and McCain's prez websites. I have my opinions, or gut reactions, but I'll refrain for now.

Check them out, and I'd love to hear what people think of them, side by side, as it were.

It's all fun and games until someone becomes the President.


Marianne Elixir said...

Good stuff. Fun to hear your thoughts. At the moment, I am leaning third party - but I am hoping to have a political-thoughts post up myself sometime soon, and we can continue the conversation.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice long post with lots of pictures.

Sorry mine didn't have more ;).

I'm not a big fan of Biden, but I think that it was pretty obvious that Obama was going to/had to pick an Old White Man if he wanted the best shot at winning. I don't hate him though, so that's a start.

I will grant Palin one free Get out of Jail card on the "Bush Doctrine" thing, because the term is pretty flexible and seems to not be an actual term..or at least not a very common one. Heck, that interview was the first time I'd heard anyone mention it (not that that says much). The Katie Couric clips though...the ones I've seen are painful.

Uhh.. John's website says "Reform*Prosperity*Peace" in big letters. That doesn't really jive with his platform at all. Hah!

Sarah said...

I'm very very confused...I feel that the next few weeks and gathering more information (especially about the VP candidates) will be crucial but I sure wish there were some other candidates/parties to choose from.

Lisa said...

As one of the "older generation" - let me say I am feeling just as confused as everyone else! palin brings something new that in many ways I like. I like what she stands for - keeping her downs baby and backing her daughter with love etc. Biden, I have watched over the years and he is an old politics guy even though he took the train home every night. And he has a HUGE problem with being honest, well documented.
I don't know the answer to this but I wonder if some of those shots of McCain not looking at Obama have anything to do with the inability he has to move his upper body due to the torture he endured. Meg is right this is an election to watch. And don't even get me started on the bailout and what that means to us little people. I hope everyone has a fixed rate mortgage if you are carrying one. This is gonna be a tough few years. I could say more and probably will in the future... that's all I can say for now... tick tock clock.

MaryBeth said...

Hi there Meg -
I have not commented on your blog in a long time, but enjoy reading :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don't think I have much (or anything) to add, I feel quite torn about it all to be honest. Its interesting living here (Canada) and being asked regularly what I think about the election, how I'm voting and (my personal favorite) what I think of Sarah Palin. These people have a phenomenal interest in american politics. The kids (CANADIAN kids) on my school bus were discussing the (US) elections this AM as they got off the bus. A 6th grade girls was explaining who Biden was to an 8th grade girl and a 10 grade boy commented "it doesn't matter, Obama is going to win anyways". I guess it just points out to me how important this election is to those within the borders of the US and those outside of it too. I get the this-is-important, this-is-one-to-watch part, now if only I felt more confident about which bubble to mark...