Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 2 ...
no you didn't miss a post, our first day we spent in a car and that's so not exciting.

Friday August 3rd - California, Cam's Birthday Party

Cam didn't know we were all driving down to California, so when we all appeared in our own ways and in our own time, it pretty much rocked his world. Since we drove to California, for 13 hours, basically to go to parties, there's really not much to talk about. What I did capture in photos is probably as close as were going to get to anything. So...

It pretty much went like this.

Cam & Jessa (a.k.a. brother and sister)

Anna & me (a.k.-47, Cam's wife)

yeah, she'll kick your ass, that's right.

drunk mom Skylana

Skylana, hoping I got the sweet shot of her downing
a beer while holding her daughter.

*side note - while hanging out with Skylana and her daughter, Arabella, on multiple occasions people on the street have
asked her how old her SON is... the girl wears dresses, she's
always in pink or wearing bloomers and headbands, and has
diamond studs in her ears! How hard is it to be a little, tiny bit observant before opening your mouth?

drunk mom Flo

alright, so she didn't drink all night, or ever, but
I think it's funnier the other way.

smoking Josh

drinking, smoking Toby

i love Polaroids

After that, I had too much fun to be walking around taking pictures for all you to look at ... on to the next day.

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sufferingsummer said...

Can I just say Jessica is a little too hot to handle right now~!!!