Wednesday, August 22, 2007

sitting with walter

*Updated below*

i'm not at home but i can hear all the same sounds as if I were home. perhaps it's because I'm a mear hundred feet from my apartment, in another apartment down the lane. i am here because a friend has been injured. we are sitting in the living room of Erik and Sara's apartment. Walter is on a twin mattress reading "The Forms of This sickness" (fitting, no?) and I am behind him on the couch, writing to you.

it's nice to be able to sit, talk, read and write with a friend.
so thanks to walter. not for getting hit by a car, flying across the road to the sidewalk, breaking your leg, having surgery or needing someone to help you get up from a laying to a standing position. thanks just for being a friend.

*begin update*

read walter's comment below ... for over two weeks now I have not been able to locate my camera's battery charger. And, it is killing me. While in California, my camera ran out of batteries and an entire day and a half was not captured. I have such a system down for re-chargeing my battery that I won't believe that the charger is gone forever. If I don't find it this weekend on our trip back up to Vancouver (which is the last place I knew where it was) then I will break down and buy a new one (a knock off for sure, but a new one no less.)


Walter said...

Thanks Meg. Thanks for taking care of me and for being my friend. I feel privileged to have gotten a blog about me... but where are the pictures!??! How am I going to conjure up sympathy from all of those people who don't know me but read this blog without pictures of me pitifully lying in bed with my leg constantly raised in front of me? We need pictures Meg.
Also, "The Forms of This Sickness" was the chapter heading. The book I am reading is called "The Sickness unto Death".

BellaArtGirl said...

hope you find your battery charger, etc...I love pics and the whole digital thing and yes, it all has to run on those batteries...anyhoo, I understand a world w/o pics is not as fun...good luck