Saturday, August 11, 2007

words don't compare to


Saturday August 6th - doing nothing in SLO
& Josh's 30th Birthday Party

hooligans hanging out on the corner

If Jessa had a baby this is what she'd look like, so stop wondering.'s probably not a good idea for them to have a baby.

well, she looks good with a baby, maybe it's not her
we're worried about.

Anna, being awesome.

Anna with her baby.

Two mom's chatting it up with their babies.

Amelie's party dress, Happy Birthday Dad!

Sera takin a ride on her dad's birthday pinata.

I love when kids smile like this, all squinty and grinning.

Sera wanted to take some pictures with funny faces

Josh smokin, Andy chillin, Toby talkin


join us next time for the pinata, cake and drinks. and, a look at the other people that showed up for the par-tay.


Josh (the oak) said...

Miss you guys.

sufferingsummer said...

these pictures are too too cute! Looks like a hopping good time.