Tuesday, August 28, 2007

never read a book i like.

i read a book and i'm not allowed to recommend it.

The book is by author Chuck Palahniuk, his most famous book, "Fight Club" was read by more than 300,000 people and seen by even more people as a movie, starring Brad Pit and directed by David Fincher.

As of now, I have read all of Chuck Palahniuk's books.
Fight Club
Invisible Monsters
Fugitives & Refugees
Stranger Than Fiction

Rant is his most recently published book and I finished it last week after being on the wait list at the Library for two months. I own all of his other books, excluding "Fugitives & Refugees" and "Stranger Than Fiction", the latter being his first non-fiction work (it is in no way associated with the movie starring Will Farrel, and for the record the book came out long before the movie) and the first being as close to an autobiography as you can get. I don't own these two not for any other reason than the "autobiography" was an afterthought for me to read and the non-fiction book in paperback is never at the second hand bookstore I frequent. I'll get it someday.

Rant. Don't read it. It's gross. It's disturbing. I can never, in good conscience recommend anything Palahniuk writes. And "Rant" is no different. Although. Naw forget it. It'll never work.
I wish I could black out the gross, disturbing, mostly unnecessary, portions of the book and everyone could enjoy the genius writing that is a Palahniuk book. Cause, you see, the problem is ... I really like this book, (except for all the vague things I mentioned earlier, I refuse to go into detail, you don't deserve that). I am enthralled with the story. Mesmerized by the thought and depth that this book reaches. I wish, deep down, that I could recommend this book. Don't read this book.

ahh, i feel torn.

I guess I'm saying, if you're not the faint of heart kind of reader and you enjoy a writer with an amazing voice and ability to weave a story beyond what you think is reality...well, then please, borrow a Palahniuk book from me. But don't get mad at me when you're completely grossed out and disturbed, cause I never recommended that you read it.

*If you do want to borrow any of his books, we'll have to have a real heart to heart first...wait, never-mind, you can't borrow it. Forget I ever mentioned Palahniuk.


Jasmine said...

Isn't it a bummer to read a book and feel like you hated it? This JUST happened to me...never, ever read The Sunflower. It's like it was supposed to good, but it so wasn't :(
Once you find a good read, holla back! :)

Andy said...

I just thought I'd point out that you are two people on your blog. Meg and Meg. Crazy.

Trying to think of a repulsive book I have read...but I can't, shame. I know I've read some that had way more sexual junk that I wanted to read, and that I wouldn't really recommend to people because of that...but those books kind of sucked anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.