Wednesday, August 8, 2007

people you should know

The Clemon's family drove all the way from
Sacramento, CA to Vancouver, WA to meet me.

Well. Not entirely. I think, in reality, they all came to see little mister. And celebrate his entrance into the the form of a kick ass baby shower.

Mr. Clemons, patriarch of the family, started the day off with a crazy pork piled high barbecue. I could lie and say they were delicious, but since I don't eat pigs, you'll have to take the boy's word for it. They couldn't get enough and talked about ribs for days.
In fact, the next day, at home, Andy and Toby moaned about how they wished they had ribs and that they were so amazing and they wanted to know how Burt did it ..and on ... and on... and on.
*little side note, Jessa attempted to enjoy the ribs but cracked everyone up when she slid up next to Toby and whispered, "so, these ribs? how are you supposed to eat them?"

The Clemons girls each have a little boy, and damn they're all adorable, it's just not fair! (she stamps her foot) I'm going to steal one. But I actually think that would be separate them, you leave me no choice but to steal them all...

To be fair, there's another Clemons boy, er, man you should meet. He's also adorable, but much better at having a conversation with another adult than Bethany, Ana and Jen's boys. He's an amazingly talented musician, I mean rapper, I mean M.C. I'm not good at promoting people's music, sorry. Let's refer to this as "my attempt".


I'm sleepy and even though this is technically a "catch up post" I'll have to save the rest of the pictures for the next installment. Look for a photo frenzy in the next few days. I've been on some amazing adventures and you all are going to love....okay, that was so ridiculously sarcastic and I'm so tired that I can't even finish. Tah blog world. Sleep tight.


Jennifer said...

My family = good times! Yeah, that was a fun day/weekend.

And we still have some uncooked ribs in our freezer...unfortunately neither I nor Andy knows how to cook them. I need to call my dad and ask him for the recipe. Or ask him to fly back and cook them for us. :P

Andy said...

You are talking about our house.
That is CRAZY!

Bethany said...

OMG, you linked to Skidmark's music, that is so cool! .... I've never heard it.