Friday, August 10, 2007

the family photos I promised.

This is Andy & Jen, our long time friends and the families that they came from...

Jen and her sister, Anastasia

Jen's nephew, son of Anastasia, Ethan

Jen and her sister, Bethany

Jen's nephew, son of Bethany, Ezra

Jen's husband, Bethany's husband - no they're not brothers...
geez, why do people always think white guys all look the same?!?

That's the man. (Jen's little brother, Carlton)

Thank you to all the young mother's that I know for wearing
the Hooter Hider and giving us a perfect gift idea for Jen.

Anastasia with their Auntie (she's
an OBGYN and delivered Carlton, Ezra and Ethan)

Andy's mom and step dad came up from San Luis Obispo,
in California for the party ... and to see their grandson

The funny thing is, I hadn't seen them since our wedding 7 years ago, and then I ran into them again the next weekend, in SLO! Twice in 2 weeks after 7 years was quite strange.

Andy, Ethan, guitar, guitar, Ezra, Andy

He's a great fake Uncle.

I think the consensus was to not invite Carlton to be in the band.

Everyone being social ... with their electronic gadgets.

To be fair, the guys did end up talking to Burt, Jen's dad, about .... philosophy, and surprisingly, Wal-Mart - but still in regards to philosophy.

Ahhh, these two...

C-a-n-'t ... h-a-n-d-l-e ... t-h-e ... c-u-t-e-n-e-s-s

Sorry Clemons I still think he's my favorite...

Thank you to the Clemon's and the French's we had a great day hanging out, eating good food and ohhing over your latest edition. We hope to see you all again soon.


Teal said...

i love these posts of yours! i want to meet all your family/friends some time!

Andy said...

Nahhhhh, you don't want to me us, we're all half naked and parental. Or is that half-parental and naked? I forget. Barefoot!

Bethany said...

I love this post! And not just because it's pictures of my family but because it feels like it's written by family. But then we all pretty much feel in love with you guys immediately.