Monday, August 13, 2007

not a usual book on my shelf

It's all about economics. I have no understanding of economics, er wait, I didn't have an understanding of economics, until I read "Freakonomics".

"Freakonomics" is co-written by an economist, Steven Levitt, and a New York Times columnist, Stephen Dubner, and the combination of the factual information and clean writing is more than cohesive. It's easy to read and I appreciate the story-telling approach to this book, it made the concepts being discussed so much easier for me to wrap my brain around.

Because this is virtually my first experience with reading anything economics related, I can't judge for the validity of the topics they discuss. But, I do know that their approach is very different to some of the traditional reasoning behind economic calculations and I always love a good fiesty contradiction to the norm. I recommend this book to anyone that has a vague idea about economics, loves stories with meaning or, like me had no idea and wants to learn a bit about economics. I don't think I could now discuss economics at a dinner party, but at least I won't be lost if the subject's brought up.


Teal said...

hhmmm....looks kinda cool.

is your copy of that book, mm, borrowable?

Andy said...

Yeah, pretty snazzy book, discussion provoking at least. I enjoyed it. There's another good sort of "pulp economics" book out there that I enjoyed..I'll have to look at my book list and see if I can find it..Hmm, I can't find the one I wanted.

This one is decent as a sort of intro-primer-thing though: New Ideas from Dead Economists