Monday, August 27, 2007


So, friday i went to work with andy. we went out to lunch, at the place voted "the best chinese food in Salem."

It ssoooo, was not the best chinese food... perhaps it was "in Salem" but man, that's sad for Salem cause this was baaad. Rull, baaad.

You know when you order "Sweet and Sour Tofu" and it comes fried with mostly batter and not a lot of tofu? Ya, well that's what I got.

And then, you know when it comes with a side of Vegetable Chow Mien, except the chow mien is "crunchy noodles" and the vegetables are water chestnuts and a couple of broccoli spears but it's smothered in some type of creamy sauce? Ya, that's also what I got.

And then, you know when the other thing it comes with is fried rice and you say to yourself, "Self, that's okay - since there are no substitutions on the lunch special - I don't need to eat rice anyways, fried or not." Ya, well obviously it came with fried rice, so ...

I ended up removing the batter off the fried tofu, eating the broccoli and water chestnuts - minus the crunchy noodles and see through creamy sauce - and the rice. I figured "semi"-fried is better than dipped in batter and then deep fried.

What really makes me sad about the whole thing is the egg flour soup and the tea you get before all that arrives was amazingly, super wonderful and I couldn't wait for a plate of steamed tofu and veggies with noodles ... Well. That sorta made the main course that much worse when all that was set before me was gross. Noodles? Nope. Veggies? Nope, well not to the standard that I'd hoped. Fried? yes. sad. Goopy? yes. sad. Gross? yes. sad.

At least Andy 'n me had a great time hanging out and having an "experience" together though. And that's really what matters in life. Plus, I think I'm getting addicted to drinking hot tea again cause that shit was gooood.


Walter said...

It sounds rad. The tea set looks nice. I miss going and having hot tea before a good tofu and noodle dish. It's true, good hot tea is the shit. You guys should come by some day and I'll serve up some good tea in one of my sets, if you want. Or even just you could come by in the next week or so while I'm laying out. Or just Andy. Or I guess, I can just sit by myself and have tea and send you pictures of it, or something, instead. Just let me know.

Jem said...

I used to love going to the China Blue Cafe over the U of O bookstore and getting the $4.95 lunch special (mandarin chicken) and sitting for an hour and a half, slowly sipping their amazing tea. I'd read ridiculous fantasy novels about mysterious powers and try to watch for breaks in the rain so I could zip home on my bike. I miss Eugene and I miss the two of you. Come to Portland soon. My apartment comes available next week.

Walter said...

great post jern. i am thinking... do you two want to go on thursday or sometime and eat china blue and drink tea? i like chillin with you two