Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fug Madness Part One

So it's March 19th, it is March 19th isn't it? Well, either way, Fug Madness has officially begun and for the record if ever in this post a letter S is missing, do not blame me, the S on the laptop is sticking or something and it's more than angrifying me, it is ruining my WPM average and it sucks.

So back to Fug. It seems Sarah and I are the only two participating, at least she's the only one to comment and say that she is, but I don't care, I'm imagining that all of you are thrilled as punch to participate and enjoy the fun of Fug, voting.

The point of all this, if there is a point, is to vote for the worst, craziest, most outrageous dresser in all of celebritydom, that means they are the most Fug. So in the end...I suppose...we can all have had a good laugh and be happy that at least our fashion sense hasn't left us in close running with any of these unfortunates.

Here's where things stand in my brackets, I'll do a post for each bracket so scroll down, or up. And if you want to play along, just click the links to be taken to the world of Fug and the mayhem that is Fug Madness 2009

(F.Y.I. I tried to link to each person's Fug Archive page, or best outfit for your perusing pleasure. Just click their name, or click on each bracket heading to be taken to the post for each by the Fug girls, you won't be disappointed at their link-splosions either)

Round 1 Cher Bracket


My pick: Aubrey O'Day
My reason: Although I think Estelle could get more play next year if she stays on the scene, this time around Aubrey was crazy all the time and those times were often. Also Shin Guards:

Vote For Your Picks:


My pick: Phoebe Price
My reason: Although Kim Kardashian had some crazy accessories and some even crazier shoulder pads in an outfit, for the most part her style is decent and all her bits are covered in a classy way. The same can not be said about Phoebe Price. Case in point:

(5) MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL vs. (12) LISA RINNA (this link may prove to have too many other Fug Celebrities mixed in, for the best of the best or if you're not into searching, see my links below instead)

Let me say that although this was not a tough pick for me, some may look at Maggie's choices and wonder if Lisa Rinna was really worse. Let me take this opportunity to state that it seems like my fug taste can accept more eclectic choices over more skanky choices, but that's just me, maybe your opinion is swayed by the former.

My Pick: Lisa Rinna
My Reason: Is in two parts. Part One. Part Two.

The fug girls give this as their comparative element, which if this is all we had to judge on it would be an easy win for SJP.

I tend to think that man scruff is in no way comparable to some of the fashion choices SJP has made over the past year, but gross man facial hair is quite distracting to my focus on a good man-fit (like an outfit for a man) making this one bracket the toughest for me. But I like to not judge on one moment, but rather on one's history, so I went to the archives.

My Pick: SJP
My Reason: When it came down to it, looking back over each of their collective history this year, even though Rumor Willis inched her way into Ashton's fug memory book and his scruff made such an impact, his style isn't bad, I think in fact that I like it, a lot. Crazy head ware aside (crazy for the occasion on his part and just plain crazy on her part), and even with Rumor's help, nothing could push Ashton ahead of SJP after I took a little trip down memory lane and was reminded of SJP in all her hoofed glory.
Gaze upon this (and click the 'hoofed' link for the close up):

So that's Round One and my moment of parting with reality for a little fug fun. Hope you'll stay tuned and vote in the polls cause it's a nice waste of time and we're just getting started.


Trespasser said...

I'm glad you put this informal fug poll up, because I decided voting in the real fug contest would be so far beneath my masculinity that I'd never recover. Not that I wasn't sorely tempted. I agreed with you for the most part, but just had to boo down Kardashian because I'll always ALWAYS hate on fake celebrity. Rinna's lips have always bothered me too, but I secretly love SJP's hat and always will.

meg said...

Does this mean Phoebe is a real celebrity? Oh no! And when it comes to SJP I just wish she wouldn't wear some of the things she wears and then claim not to be into fashion. I mean, please!