Sunday, March 8, 2009

Half way to good

I should be doing something else. But this seems more enjoyable.

Things I should be doing right now:

1. Starting the laundry
2. Unpacking from my last trip
3. Cleaning the bathroom
4. Starting dinner
5. Cleaning up the Living room, which mostly means the dining table
6. Yard work
7. Organizing the house
8. Preparing Craig's List ads for stuff we need to get rid of
9. Going through my clothes since I'm going to go buy more since I don't think I have anything to wear, I should really make that statement legit by getting rid of things I really don't wear.
10. Organizing/Cleaning the garage - it doesn't seem like I should do this alone though...
11. Cleaning the kitchen
12. Getting all our stuff ready for taxes

Things I am doing:

1. Reveling in the fact that I fixed the kitchen faucet all by myself (Last time I needed help just to finish the basic job. This time I had to take the whole thing apart again and add grease to the gaskets so the spout would turn side to side without needing the winner from this year's Mister Universe's help.)
B. Procrastinating by writing a blog, duh.

The good thing about a procrastination list is that it can very easily become a handy To Do List. So props to that. What are you procrastinating from as you read this blog?


Happy Girl said...

haha - a little bit similar
l. finishing laundry
2. vaccuming
3. using my new exercise ball
4. raking the back patio area
5. finishing unloading the dishwasher
6. my suitcase is unpacked.... but I have been home a bit longer
7. can't wait to see the new babe pics
8. wonder if you ever checked out my blog?
9. wonder if you will ever tell me what you thought about the Uganda video, etc.?

meg said...

weird, I did check it out and I added it to my reader and it didn't update when you posted, it should be fixed now.
The video was great! Very inspiring to see all the people being helped.

Anonymous said...

Many of us focus on what we don't want and constantly critique (difference people). First step is to switch to a positive frame: What DO we want? This allows us to begin the creative process of shaping our lives. Describing what we don't want is little more than complaining. Describe what we do want and we start creating.

This guy really knows his stuff and I found him to be really trustworthy. Check him out on his website

Valerie said...

You gotta love these spam comments which keyword find your blog and then try to tell you how you should really live your life. It's taking unsolicited advice to a whole new level.
Oh, and I should be taking a shower, writing my resume, and a music review right now.

meg said...

haha, oh "anonymous" you slay me!

Trespasser said...


meg said...

Jem, next time leave me a comment related to the post, sheesh, it's like your a spammer or something (at least that's what the other 3 people that read this blog would think, but we know it's a little inside thing between me and the W's)