Saturday, March 7, 2009

I want coffee

What's new?

1. I returned home from Seattle and Portland, the shoots were mostly a success
2. Three jobs we had bid on came back, approved, it's gunna stay busy
3. Some guy is coming by the house today to give us a bid to paint it
4. Hopefully by summer we'll be able to get the house new windows. The ones we've got now have broken seals and don't do their job so well.
5. Our friends just had their baby and I can't wait to meet him and introduce him to the world. (History dictates they make good looking babies.)
6. We had a date day yesterday...all day, on a friday. It included Watchmen, Vietnam Restaurant, and new shoes.

What's new with you? Add something to my list in the comments. I miss you people.


Marianne Elixir said...

Make sure you run the painting bid by Andrew, he is a master painter and could probably do it for you much cheaper. Then you can afford more shoes =)

Yeah for a date!

Not much new here....other that looking forward to your visit.

Sarah said...

Shopping for tickets to Oregon in June... :)

meg said...

oh Marianne, I will make that happen oh so soon.
And oh Sarah! We will all be happy to hear those dates.

Trespasser said...

I discovered today that I act different depending on whether I'm wearing sunglasses or regular specs. More on this to follow on my blog later today. San Fran says hello!

sufferingsummer said...

I'm trying to figure out my new external hard drive and it is making me crazy! That's the only new thing around here...other than the new painting Indy did this morning of a kid, in a hospital bed, with a special blankie to make them feel better because they had to get stitches in their head.
I may or may not have gone a little too far in explaining why she should sit down in her chair at the table ;)

Melanie said...

We have Tyler and Wendy visiting, so they have been running us all around town seeing the sights.

meg said...

Jem, where's the blog you eluded to?
Summer - that's seriously hilarious, the picture Indy made not the hard drive thing, that's super lame.